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Artists’ Testimonials

“I have worked with for many years now. I always find them very helpful with great communication when you need help. My sales over the years have been very good and their commission rate is very reasonable.”

Ken Cowins


“I have used Original Art under 100 for almost two years. It is extremely easy to use to sell and update artwork. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is considering trying to promote their art for under £100 or to use the site’s new additional gallery for artwork over £100. The people that run the site are extremely efficient and helpful – and communicate well with the Artists.”

Alison Baxter


“I have always been sceptical about selling work online having used various other sites prior to this one with little success, so I was thrilled when I actually began to sell work through this site. The commission is very reasonable and it’s also nice to have the option to communicate with the buyer directly via email; I can update them on the delivery process and I have received some very positive feedback which is a great boost.”

Lynn Marie Hall


”For the last few years I have been very pleased to have had the opportunity to show and sell my work online with original art under 100. I am very satisfied with my sales and the friendly support from all at art under 100.”

Jaqueline Westland


“A very user friendly site for both artist and buyer alike. It has given me a fresh impetus to my paintings. Very pleased to be a member.”

Stuart Peters


“I’ve found Original Art Under £ to be simple for me to use as well as it being easy for buyers to find and navigate. Also the transaction/artist payment process is so straightforward – brilliant site!”

Georgina Collins


“I’ve sold a number of my paintings through this site. Its easy to use and the people that manage it are very efficient in getting things done for both artists and customers. I’ve always had a quick and friendly response to any queries and as a result, I’m happy to continue selling my work here.”

Michelle Fernandes


“I would highly recommend Original Art for artists. I personally have had a substantial increase in sales from being a member. I think this is mainly because they advertise the site so well. Their priority is helping and promoting artists. I have been involved with other online galleries where the emphasis is on making money for the site and hefty commissions are taken from the artists, but not here – great site!”

Steve Driver


“I am so pleased with this site! I have had a great response and numerous sales. I find it so easy to use, both selling my own artwork and buying art from other artists. I hope “Under 100″ continues with its success to keep art affordable and accessible to all!”

Verity Westwood


“I have been so pleased with Original Art and the sales made, together with my few seconds of glory on the ITV programme, and am pleased to do anything that will help with the promotion of the site.”

Wendy Lloyd


“I’m really pleased with this great user friendly site and the extra customers and sales! Glad to be aboard!”

Phil Pierre


“I have been with Original Art Under £100 since July 2013. To date I have not looked back. I have sold all my paintings on the site without any difficulties. The site is easy to use and even easier to manage your own work when placing pictures for sale. For such a small fee every year the site is a fantastic way to spread your name and art. If anyone is considering joining I would strongly recommend this site before any others. I am looking forward to my next lot of work going on sale.”

Adrian Green


“I am really glad that I had the good fortune to find Original Art Under £ and was immediately attracted to its concept, ease of use and low subscription. I had been looking for some time for an outlet for my artwork, and was considering trying ebay – but felt that this site offered a more sensible way of bringing my art to a wider audience. Within 48 Hours of uploading my twelve paintings, I had my first enquiry which took me by surprise. Since then I have sold four of my landscape paintings which is great – for both the financial return and also for having customers giving me good feedback, which is gratifying.

Another plus point is that visitors can directly access your own website via the site. I am now hooked and am constantly checking every email received, thinking it’s another enquiry – sad but exciting. Great site, well done.”

Graham Luscombe


“This site has given me, as a self-taught artist, a terrific showcase for my work. My confidence has been boosted by very encouraging sales; in the relatively short time I have been a member I have sold over a dozen of my paintings and I have every reason to believe that as the site goes from strength to strength my work will benefit too, and inspiration will flourish. I find the standard of my fellow artists’ work amazingly high, and I am so glad I took the decision to become a part of”

Paul Taylor


“Original Art Under £100 is really easy to use and great value. The way that Original Art Under £100 works is so much better than other gallery sites, in particular I like the fact that you are dealing direct with potential buyers. It feels like it is run by real people who want to help artists develop and sell their work rather than a business that wants to make a profit on the back of other people’s hard work. I am currently registered with two other online galleries but Original Art Under £100 is the only one I will renew next year.”

Simon Gilmartin


“I have been most pleased with this website. It has been the most successful gallery for selling my art work. I very much like that I have direct contact with my buyers, as I feel it is a much more personal experience.”

Sue Massey


“Since joining Original Art Under £100 I have been fortunate enough to sell 14 pieces of my artwork and have received much in the way of complimentary feedback. This website gives amateur artists such as myself an excellent opportunity to showcase their work at very little cost.”

Margaret Barber


“I heard about this site from my sister who is also an artist. I signed up and very soon afterwards had my first sale. Since then I have sold many paintings. The site is simple and easy to use, which is good for artists and for potential buyers. Thanks for this opportunity.”

Elena Bissinger


“Original Art under 100 is a great website!  Very easy to upload and list my artwork, manage content and view sales.  I also love looking at other artists work for more inspiration. Highly recommend!”

Di Shorleson


“I have been a member of this site for 5 years and still get a thrill when I receive a message to say I have sold a painting.  Easy to use and reasonably priced the site is a gem.”

Denise Harrington


“I have been selling my artwork with this online gallery since November 2020 and am delighted to have had lots of sales in a short space of time. The layout of the gallery is very easy to navigate.

As an artist the website is extremely straightforward to list each piece of artwork at affordable prices by established UK artists.

The gallery has a personal feel to it whereby artists are permitted to get directly in touch with the customer when posting a piece of artwork which undoubtedly helps the customer feel more connected to the piece of artwork they are purchasing.

I would definitely recommend this gallery to both artists looking to sell their artwork and customers seeking good quality pieces of artwork at affordable prices. Customers also have the choice of purchasing pieces over £100 if they wish to.”

Casmira Mostyn


“I can highly recommend Original Art Under – it is so user friendly and more importantly produces results.  I have sold many original pieces using this site and once a sale is made the communications are clear and easy to follow.  I wish more sites were like this!”

Nikki Griffiths


“I’ve been a member with Original-Art since 2013 and am very happy with
the whole set-up. The Under £100 section is a unique way to display
highly-affordable original work, separately from higher-priced items.  Artists’ payments are always on time and queries always answered. Recommended.”

Christine Derrick


“Selling my art on has been a very positive experience.  The process is so simple and the service is lovely.  Overall I am very happy to be amongst the many other artists on here”

Aisha Haider


“I’ve sold quite a few paintings with OAU over the years. The team has always been very helpful and quick to sort out any issues, they’re easy to get hold of and have created a good, easy to use website. Also it’s pretty straight forward when it comes to adding paintings unlike some other websites.”

Randal Drury


“This was my first artist online selling platform and the exposure and sales have been so uplifting. All the processes have worked well throughout my time with originalartunder100
and my customers have been happy with the business side of the transaction and the art work they have chosen. A great partnership for the artist.”

Kathleen Taylor


“Original Art Under 100 has been a great way to promote my work. Payment has always been prompt and I have had lovely comments and messages from purchasers.”

Heather Roll


“After many years exhibiting locally, this online website for me has been the greatest way at exhibiting and reaching a bigger audience of art lovers.”

John Walker


“ has got to be the most straight forward, no fuss site for artists & customers to use. Free from too many rules and regulations it provides an easy to use platform for buying and selling. The Artist is free to make direct contact with the customer ensuring a smooth transaction for delivery of the painting providing that personal touch so lacking in many other bigger sites.  The prospective customer is not overwhelmed by pricey artwork and the Artist in turn benefits from a realistic commission fee. It is a No. 1 for me!”

Teresa Tanner


“I’m delighted to say that is the place to be if you want to sell your art – I’ve sold lots of paintings. The site is easy to use even for a technophobe like me and if you need help the staff are friendly and supportive. I plan to renew my membership when it’s due because it’s great value.”

Janice Watson


“An indispensable outlet for professional artists to sell original works to collectors at an affordable price, which would otherwise be hidden and unloved in the artist studio”

Eraclis Aristidou


“I am not brilliant with IT so I had a few glitches early on but the team helped me through it. The systems are actually quite simple and efficient and I have been fortunate enough to have made quite a few sales on both the Under £100 and Over £100 sites. I hope this success continues.”

John Wardle


“This site provides an ideal way in which to sell my smaller paintings. I have sold a few at a very reasonable commission rate and I’m very happy with the excellent service provided.”

John Taylor


“I have successfully sold my work on for a number of years now. I find it popular site for people that like art and want to support individual artists. I have very good sales especially when I have time to upload new work, saying that the site is very easy to use and there is a friendly support available if required. I would recommend this site to all conscientious artists.”

Yvette Rawson


“I have been selling my art on for a while now. I have always been happy with the subscription and selling fees.  You can contact your customers easily and they seem to be very satisfied with the process.  Let’s hope more new artists join this lovely site and have a steady flow of sales that most of us do.”

Janet Blower


“I’ve been selling my paintings on for about three years, and it has always been such an easy process. Uploading artwork is straightforward, and actually selling couldn’t be simpler. On top of this, the commission charged by the website is very fair.”

Tracey Unwin


“I have been selling my artwork on for several years and I’m very happy with the platform. I love the fact that when you sell a piece you get a text as well as an email so you don’t miss the notification. The subscription and commission fees are reasonable, unlike some art platforms who take almost half the sale price when an artwork sells. The team is easy to communicate with and respond quickly with any queries. I have made quite a few sales through the site and would have no hesitation recommending it to other artists.”

Bea Roberts


“I have worked with for several years now. I find it an excellent site for both artists and customers alike. As an artist it gives me the opportunity to reach not only the UK market but a global market also. I enjoy creating artworks of all sizes, so I love the concept of being able to buy a piece of original art at an affordable price to suit all budgets. Speaking as a seller I find the site uncomplicated and easy to navigate making the management of my artworks stress free. I enjoy the communications I have with customers who purchase my work. A well run site which I highly recommend to all.”

Fiona Philips


“If you are looking for an original piece of art then this is the place to be. They have something for everyone in all subject matters and budgets and their service and communication is excellent.”

Denise Roscoe


“I have been with this website since early 2020. Being an amateur painter doing it for fun, I have found their process of adding paintings very straight forward and quick. Better than their competitors. My experience to date when I have sold paintings has been straight forward with no problems. Happy artist/customer.”

Andy Ingram