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Genre: Humorous

The Great EscapeBy steve strode

Price: £120
Size: 21cm × 15cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous, Still Life
Medium: Oil

The Elements (with Daisy)By Mark Pender

Price: £165
Size: 30cm × 15cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous
Medium: Oil

The Seven Deadly SinsBy Mark Pender

Price: £265
Size: 85cm × 65cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous
Medium: Oil

Blue Dragon in the RainBy Julian Davies

Price: £100
Size: 20cm × 20cm
Genre: Abstract, Fine Art, Humorous
Medium: Acrylic

Are You Trying to Seduce Me Mrs Robinson?By steve strode

Price: £190
Size: 15cm × 20cm
Genre: Fine Art, Humorous, Still Life
Medium: Oil

The Good ShepherdBy Mark Pender

Price: £145
Size: 64cm × 48cm
Genre: Animals, Figurative, Humorous
Medium: Oil

The Astrological SignsBy Mark Pender

Price: £375
Size: 63cm × 83cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous, Surreal
Medium: Oil

Cantona fan kickBy Elena Petrova

Price: £180
Size: 30cm × 40cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous, Sport
Medium: Oil

City of ParanoiaBy Mark Pender

Price: £275
Size: 80cm × 60cm
Genre: Cityscape, Humorous, Surreal
Medium: Oil

Paper TigerBy Nikki Griffith

Price: £125
Size: 48cm × 42cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous, Impressionist
Medium: Mixed Media

Coming Home from Evensong (after S Palmer)By Mark Pender

Price: £120
Size: 53cm × 44cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous
Medium: Oil

Old SpotBy Jane Brookshaw

Price: £130
Size: 31.5cm × 32.5cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous
Medium: Acrylic

Trade warsBy Sophia Ench

Price: £100
Size: 42cm × 29.5cm
Genre: Abstract, Humorous, Landscape
Medium: Acrylic

OlgaBy susan wright

Price: £185
Size: 30cm × 30cm
Genre: Humorous, People Portraits, Surreal
Medium: Acrylic

SpanielBy Denny Aitch

Price: Sold
Size: 40cm × 30cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous
Medium: Watercolour