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Genre: Humorous

Are You Trying to Seduce Me Mrs RobinsonBy steve strode

Price: £224
Size: 15cm × 20cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous, Still Life
Medium: Oil

So Many Pheasants!By Teresa Tanner

Price: £120
Size: 40cm × 51cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous, Wildlife
Medium: Mixed Media

Togetherness with the old catBy Teresa Tanner

Price: £320
Size: 54cm × 46cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous, People Portraits
Medium: Oil

Mr BBy Bea Roberts

Price: £180
Size: 51cm × 51cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous

The Girl With A Pearl Ear-TagBy Mark Pender

Price: £120
Size: 40cm × 30cm
Genre: Animals, Figurative, Humorous
Medium: Oil

The FishersBy Mark Pender

Price: £325
Size: 59cm × 42cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous, Surreal
Medium: Oil

OlgaBy Sue Wright

Price: Sold
Size: 30cm × 30cm
Genre: Humorous, People Portraits, Surreal
Medium: Acrylic

SpanielBy Denise Harrington

Price: Sold
Size: 40cm × 30cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous
Medium: Watercolour