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Art Buyers’ FAQs

I recently bought an artwork from the site, but I’ve had second thoughts about it. Can I get a refund?

Yes – all our artists agree to refund customers in full for any reason within 14 days of the customer’s receipt of the artwork. It should be noted though, that the refund will only be made once the artist is back in receipt of the artwork, and the costs of packaging, posting, tracking, plus the costs of ensuring the package is signed-for on delivery must be met by the buyer.


Can I still buy art from exhibiting artists even though I live outside the UK?

We sell to buyers in 4 principal territories: UK, Europe (including The Channel Islands), USA/Canada, and Australia/New Zealand. All our artists sell to the UK, however, you will need to check against the artwork itself to see whether the artist has elected to sell into any of the other territories.


What’s the “OVER £100 Gallery” all about? I thought this was supposed to be an UNDER £100 site only?

Good point. However, since launching in 2013, we’ve been approached by countless buyers and artists about whether we could look to widen our offer to include, bigger bolder and more expensive works. In view of the obvious demand, we introduced an Over £100 Gallery. The price of works in this gallery range from £100 to £499.


I’d like to buy a number of pieces from the same artist. Can I get a reduction on the shipping costs?

Unfortunately our systems are automated meaning that we don’t have an in-built feature that can do this. However, our artists are usually flexible. If you drop them a line via the “Ask the Artist” function (this is shown in the left hand margin beside any maximised artwork), they will often agree to reduce the shipping costs via their galleries. This will be between the buyer and artist, however, the only issue is that you will need to agree a rough time with the artist in which to purchase the work to guard against an unrelated buyer snapping up work with a reduced shipping rates.


I bought an artwork and after 10 days it hasn’t arrived. What should I do?

Whilst the vast majority of works sold on the site are despatched and delivered within the few days, very occasionally, delivery problems can arise. In the event of an undelivered artwork, please drop the artist a quick email – their email address, art title and sales reference number will be included in the auto generated email you received when you purchased the painting. Please be sure to quote the title of the work and the sales number, and explain the problem.


I’ve seen an artist I like. Can I contact them to commission a specific Work?

Whilst we don’t specifically cater for commissions, customers are free to approach our artists for this purpose. However, the finished piece (under our Ts and Cs) must be exhibited and purchased via the site. Practically speaking, the artist will contact the commissioning customer shortly before they upload the work, so that they can act quickly and make their purchase.


Artists’ FAQs

Your 1 month free trial offer seems too good to be true – what’s the catch?

No catch. Artists sign up completely free for 1 month to create their own galleries of up to 12 artworks. No credit card details are required, and there really is no obligation once the free trial period has expired. We will however require your UK bank account number and sort code, so that we can pay you in the event of a sale.


I’m a subscribing artist. I’m about to go holiday and so will not be able to react to a sale during this period. How do I enable HOLIDAY MODE?

To enable Holiday Mode, go to MANAGE YOUR ART. Click on the drop down box on the right that says, PICK AN OPTION, then click on ENABLE HOLIDAY MODE. Don’t forget to DISABLE HOLIDAY MODE when you return.


Why are your commission rates for artists so low?

Although we host sales on the site, delivery of the artwork to buyers is the responsibility of our artists, meaning that our costs can remain relatively low. We are able to reflect this in the unbeatable rates of commission that we offer to our artists.


I’m an artist. Can I exhibit limited edition prints for sale in My Gallery?

Yes – but as long as you make it absolutely clear in the description of your work that it is a limited edition print. Our buyers need to know exactly what they are getting. You will also need to select “Print Only” from the Medium drop-down options.


I’m a subscribing artist. Each time I upload photos of my work to My Gallery, I’m reminded to “crop” my images. What exactly does this mean?

In order to present your artwork in its best light, artists are encouraged to crop their images before uploading them to the site. This is a process that allows you to remove any unwanted surrounding background/frame etc from your images, so that the digital image being uploaded is just the image of your artwork and nothing else. Most photo uploading software has a cropping facility, but if yours doesn’t, there’s plenty of free cropping software available.


I’m an artist from outside the UK. Can I still exhibit art on the site?

Yes, but only if you have a UK bank account. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay into overseas bank accounts, so we must restrict overseas artists’ membership to those who have a UK bank or building society account only.


I’m an artist and have been messaged via the site to produce a commissioned work. Is this permitted?

We understand and accept that our artists will, from time to time, be asked to produce commissioned work through the site. In these cases, the price should be agreed between buyer and seller, and we ask that the commissioned work is published on the site. Once published, the artist should immediately inform the buyer, who can then view before purchasing through the site in the normal way. For commissions in excess of our maximum price (£499), we can discuss these on a case by case basis.