Anjana Clark, known as Anji, is an artist based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She pursues her love of art whilst juggling the roles of being a mother, a wife and a teacher. She has painted and drawn ever since she could hold a pencil. Though Anji achieved a good academic standard with her art, she pursued other careers but maintained her artistic skills in her spare time. In the past Anji has exhibited and sold work through an exhibition at Granary Wharf, Leeds and the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Now, semi-retired from teaching she is interested in taking up her art professionally. Anji is an active member of various art clubs and has undertaken further education courses to advance her knowledge and ability with Art. She sells her work on social media, own website, at art and craft fairs and in local small trader businesses. Her trade name is ‘The Vibrant Gaze’ because the word vibrant illustrates the way she looks at the world, seeing colour and richness and she is enticing the viewer to see this as well. Anji’s style has developed over the years. She works in different mediums such as Watercolour, Chalk Pastel, Charcoal, Oils, but most work is in her specialist medium of Gouache and Acrylic. Many of her acrylic paintings use texture and layers to create a palimpsest effect to represent the cycle of life, death and renewal. Light and shade plays a huge role in her work in exploring form and texture. She paints from photos she takes and develops the picture into her own interpretation to capture the vibrancy of the subject’s form and colour. Anji works ‘en plein air’ when possible and that work then becomes an impression of what she is looking at. As a versatile and eclectic artist, Anji’s subjects and themes reflect her wide-ranging curiosity about the world in which we live and the way we see it. Her current work are paintings that have nature as a core theme running through. Anji is available for workshops and commissions from private and commercial clients.

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