I am a self taught artist from Wiltshire. I have been drawing and painting for approx. 14 years. I got into art due to health problems. I was searching for ways to help me relax and unwind, but without success . Until I started to try drawing and found it very therapeutic and surprised that I had also finally found my passion. I then progressed to coloured pencil but found it caused me problems having to use pressure, so I decided to try watercolour and I loved it straight away. Though not an easy medium it suited me well. I am constantly learning and growing with each painting I create. I find great joy and excitement in creating something new and unique. I find my inspirations from the world a round me as I feel there is so much beauty, wonder and mystery in all of nature. There is a never ending supply to keep the creative juices flowing. I have done a few Commissions and sold many paintings to date, with very positive reviews. So now I would love to share my paintings with you. And I do hope you enjoy my art as much as I love painting them. Each painting is unique and comes from my heart.