I am a Scottish artist who always wanted to paint and now I fulfil my passion almost every day after retirement .I am enjoying sharing my work in Scotland and now further afield. I experiment with a variety of mediums including acrylic,watercolour,pastels,acrylic inks and oils. My subjects are wide ranging reflecting my curiosity with the world about me.I love working on flowers,animals,landscapes and abstracts .If a subject draws me in I reflect my reactions using whatever medium suits or compose with emotions and feelings of the moment. My husband is a keen photographer and we often team up scouting Scotland for interesting perspectives and capturing unusual scenes while travelling abroad. Thank you for visiting my gallery! I hope you find something that speaks to you or would be enjoyed by someone you love.You can see more of my work at my Facebook page www.facebook.com/taylorscottishartandgifts or contact me at kathleentaylor54@icloud.com You can also follow me on Www.Instagram.com/TaylorArtandGifts