Joe studied animation at Bournemouth Arts Institute from 2000-2003 and became a storyboard artist, animator and director for Chase Animation Studios in London. He later became a filmmaker, often incorporating illustration and animation into his work. Since then he has worked for a variety of well-known brands including BMW, Amazon, Milkybar and has won awards such as a Brand Film Festival award, a Webby award and has also been nominated for best short film at the British Independent Film Festival. He primarily works in the comedy genre as an award-winning stand up comedian, so his art often depicts elements of humour or references places he has performed. Joe also created a popular online series entitled ‘Comedian Caricatures’ featuring live caricatures and interviews with a host of well-known comedians such as Phil Wang, Nick Helm and Marek Larwood (a book of ‘Caricatures (And Other Silly Drawings)’ is also available, including backstage drawings of Joel Dommett as well as many others).

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