I love to paint. I have always enjoyed pencil and charcoal sketching, but in spite of dabbling with pastels occasionally I never really had the time or the inclination to try painting. Until, that is, I finally tried oil paints, and knew immediately that this was the medium for me! I paint anything and everything, and tend to go about my life looking for ideas for my next picture. I love to paint people and animals, but I also find great joy in depicting local scenes of interest or beauty, as well as still life, landscapes, seascapes, abstracts etc. I can lose myself completely in my work, and am sometimes amazed to find that four or five hours have slipped by without my noticing. I have sold many of my paintings, mainly through word of mouth but also at local exhibitions and art and craft fairs. I hope you like my work; please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.