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Gemma Grant

I'm Gemma, an artist inspired by Nature, and the connection between humans and earth. I paint animals and botanicals and abstracts mainly and like to mix my styles.
I have 2 kids and am happily married, a former yoga teacher and NHS worker - and I'm an artist who has a diploma in fine art but did nothing with it for years because I was told it was too hard to make it and it scared me.

Fast forward to now, and I believe that art should be accessible for everyone - it shouldn't cost a fortune for artists to show their work and get seen and it shouldn't cost hundreds and thousands for people to buy art they love for their homes and for gifts etc.

I do however believe that artists should be paid for their time, skill and energy so you will find a range of prices and items with me and something (I think) for everyone!

Items range from handpainted bookmarks and smaller art gifts to large paintings on canvas.


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