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Thai Ridgeback With StarsBy Yvette Rawson



So inspired to paint this beautiful ancient breed, I hope to capture their independence, grace and otherworldly characteristics.
I sketch the images using loose gestural strokes with a focus on variations of lines. I then paint in ethereal watercolours building colour glazes to enrich colour and texture finally I have used gold ink to highlight focal points and add some extra magic to the work.

The work will be posted flat protected in a cello bag and brown board backed envelope

Price: £90.00
Size: 40cm × 30cm
Genre: Animals, Figurative, Fine Art
Medium: Watercolour

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Yvette Rawson

Thank you for viewing my art works. I use a variety of media to create paintings and sculptures; you may want to look at my website www.yvetterawsonar...

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