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Puffin KissBy Dod Dow



A small watercolour depicting these endearing birds!<br />
Comical characters, this time touching beaks.<br />
Tammie Norries - a peerie smooriken - if your a Shetlander!  Painted on a pristine white board which makes the paint more vibrant. Set against a loose sky backdrop, the puffins are rendered in watercolour effects of wet in wet, dry brush and plain wash. An deal present for any Puffin fan! Sent well packaged, using signed for delivery.

Price: £65
Size: 13cm × 30cm
Genre: Animals
Medium: Watercolour

UK delivery charge £5

Delivery only available in the United Kingdom.

Dod Dow

Full time artist Dod (George) Dow, lives and works in his home city of Aberdeen, Scotland. A graduate of Grays School of Art, his various subjects as ...

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