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Pot of Red Geraniums & Bumble BeeBy Teresa Tanner



Fine art. Oil on heavy quality sides painted box canvas framed in 4 cm deep natural wood box frame ready to hang on the wall. Thickly applies oil paint in expressive brush strokes. Inspired by a visit to the Bloomsbury home of Virginia Woolfe where simple pots of red and white geranium flowers adorned the cottage. My love of bees just asked for this little addition to a still life flower painting. Sealed for durability. See this and more of my art at

Price: £250
Size: 46.5cm × 36.5cm
Genre: Fine Art, Flowers, Impressionist
Medium: Oil

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Teresa Tanner

Formally trained with a degree in Fine Art I teach Art with a varied career in the Arts world including photographic styling for a magazine. Inspired ...

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