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Please Observe Social Distancing 822By Eraclis Aristidou



Please Observe Social Distancing 822 10 x 8 x 0 inches (25 x 20 x 0.3 cm) Acrylic on Stretched Canvas Board
This small emotional painting is about being locked in due to the epidemic and being told to keep social distadcing. Its a bout fear unease and peering into the future. It's a talking point which captures a point in life full of emotional and in somcases loss.
The painting is colourful and textured, thick paint has a unique dimensional quality.
Painted on artist canvas board is unframed

Price: £50
Size: 25cm × 20cm
Genre: Anatomical, Figurative, Surreal
Medium: Acrylic

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Eraclis Aristidou

Eraclis Aristidou has lived and painted in London all his life. The artist has always been interested in observing city structures expanding and ever ...

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