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LemmingsBy Mark Pender



Lemmings like to exist in a large group.They are known for it and for breeding like, well, er not bunnies exactly. Then, every so often something comes into their furry, muddled little heads and they all take off to the coast, sometimes with disastrous results. My picture (which is a bit odd, I recognise that) shows a herd (?) of lemmings swarming through a landscape on their way to either the beach or the clifftop. I hope they're going to be OK.
Oil on stretched canvas. Can be hung unframed.

Price: £250
Size: 100cm × 30cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous, Wildlife
Medium: Oil

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Mark Pender

Best known as a painter of fantastical and whimsical oils, Mark also paints exciting and attractive works covering a range of subjects and uses a vari...

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