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Oils on stretched canvas, 16x16 inches (40x40cm) and approx 3/4 inches (20mm) depth. Unframed.
Large koi feature in this pond scene, brightly coloured fish weaving through the surface-plants. They seem to swim in the sky as well, as the pond reflects clouds from overhead.
The work is lightly spray-varnished. The design and colouring is carried around the edges of the canvas.
Wrapped in protective paper and bubblewrap before final boxing in double-walled delivery box.

Price: £110
Size: 40cm × 40cm
Genre: Animals, Impressionist, Wildlife
Medium: Oil

UK delivery charge £15

Delivery only available in the United Kingdom.

Christine Derrick

Resident in south-west England, Christine has painted since the 1970's, beginning with oils and then adding soft pastels to her working-tools some yea...

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