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In The Shadows with JulianBy Theresa Robinson



In the shadows with Julian

An original mixed media, acrylics, pen but mainly oils, painting.
Painted on a large stretched deep canvas frame, with a layer of gloss varnish.
It was painted in 2022 and signed by myself.
It will come with a certificate of authenticity.

24" x 18" ( 45.5cm x 61cm) Approx.

It is delivered without a frame, so that you may choose your style yourself, or you can hang it without a frame.

It will be posted flat, between cardboard.

Price: £175
Size: 61cm × 45cm
Genre: People Portraits
Medium: Mixed Media

UK delivery charge £8

Delivery only available in the United Kingdom.

Theresa Robinson

My name is Theresa, friends & family call me Tre. Art is my passion. I normally work with oil or acrylic paint. I love painting landscapes and sea...

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