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HiddenBy Yvette Rawson



Hidden:- Fallen Tree Wanstead Flats landscape A3 size 30x40 cm or 11x16inch

Part of “Layers Collection” inspired by Wanstead Flats in East London. Memory, imagination, fleeting glances of fallen trees, rainbows and hidden creatures. Look closely to discover, differing layers and hidden gems.

I paint loosely with watercolour and add line with pen & ink using gestural brush strokes, I build up layers giving an ethereal impression.

Unframed, Signed & posted in purpose bought envelope.

Price: £85.00
Size: 30cm × 40cm
Genre: Fine Art, Landscape, Surreal
Medium: Ink, Pen & Ink, Watercolour

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Yvette Rawson

Thank you for viewing my art works. I use a variety of media to create paintings and sculptures; you may want to look at my website www.yvetterawsonar...

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