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Beautiful BrainBy Yvette Rawson



Beautiful Brain
The workings of the brain have always fascinated me, being Dyslexic myself I have a love hate relationship with the workings of my own. I was inspired to produce this piece of work celebrating the creativity that most Dyslexic people present.

This work is unframed and unmounted ready for buyer to display in frame of choice.
The art work will be carefully rolled and encased in a tube for protection and postage. Sent by Royal mail recorded delivery

Price: Sold
Size: 62cm × 50cm
Genre: Anatomical, Figurative, Fine Art
Medium: Collage


Yvette Rawson

Thank you for viewing my art works. I use a variety of media to create paintings and sculptures; you may want to look at my website www.yvetterawsonar...

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