“Foxgloves Wild Flower Path”

by Teresa Tanner£40

“Stones in the Mist.”

by Sue Massey£65

“A Strange Place”

by Tracey Unwin£45

“Abstract ,original art, painting by E.Biss…”

by Elena Bissinger£99

“Landscape Study no21”

by Fiona Philipps£45

“Foxglove Walk”

by Teresa Tanner£30

“Early Catkins”

by Teresa Tanner£50


by Aisha Haider£75


by Elena Bissinger£75


by Steven Keys£60


by Steven Keys£80

“City Of Umbrellas 9”

by Aisha Haider£98

“Other people’s paintings only much cheap…”

by Juan Sly£29

“A Trip with Mum”

by Finbar Matthew Stevens£55

“Jackie Nude”

by Michael Colgan£65

“Queens Parade, Brandon Hill, Bristol”

by Christine Derrick£75

“Seated Nude (2017)”

by Michael Colgan£65

“Paris Cafe Terrace Reflections”

by John Wardle£80

“The Port of Newhaven, East Sussex”

by Claire Sullivan£30

“Bees & Daisies”

by Teresa Tanner£70

“Seated Nude (2015)”

by Michael Colgan£75

“Full Moon”

by Abi Latham£75

“Crescent Moon”

by Abi Latham£75


by Abi Latham£55