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Original Art Over £100

Welcome to our new Over £100 Gallery. Many of our artists produce larger/more ambitious artworks for over £100. Works exhibited in this gallery range from £100 – £499.

Violet VisionBy Diane Shorleson

Price: £175
Size: 56cm × 38cm
Genre: Abstract, Impressionist, Landscape
Medium: Acrylic

Blackpool BeachBy Theresa Robinson

Price: £110
Size: 40.64cm × 50.8cm
Genre: Seascape
Medium: Oil

Flori de toamna, BissingerBy Elena Bissinger

Price: £375
Size: 70cm × 80cm
Genre: Fine Art, Flowers, Landscape
Medium: Oil

The Tide is OutBy Nikki Griffith

Price: £175.00
Size: 52cm × 69cm
Genre: Impressionist, Landscape, Seascape
Medium: Mixed Media

Artwork 1074 24x24insBy Paul Chambers

Price: £175
Size: 61cm × 61cm
Genre: Abstract
Medium: Mixed Media

“Cornflower Meadow” Original AcrylicBy Kathleen Taylor

Price: £130
Size: 46cm × 64cm
Genre: Flowers
Medium: Acrylic

IsobellaBy Sue Wright

Price: £120
Size: 27cm × 19cm
Genre: Fine Art, Urban
Medium: Acrylic

Red DragonflyBy Sue Wright

Price: £125
Size: 30cm × 30cm
Genre: Figurative, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic

EleanoraBy Sue Wright

Price: £185
Size: 35cm × 25cm
Genre: Fine Art, People Portraits, Surreal
Medium: Acrylic

Are You Trying to Seduce Me Mrs RobinsonBy steve strode

Price: £224
Size: 15cm × 20cm
Genre: Figurative, Humorous, Still Life
Medium: Oil

So Many Pheasants!By Teresa Tanner

Price: £120
Size: 40cm × 51cm
Genre: Animals, Humorous, Wildlife
Medium: Mixed Media

Rural Winter Landscape Silver Birches & SheepBy Teresa Tanner

Price: £350
Size: 61cm × 61cm
Genre: Impressionist, Landscape, Wildlife
Medium: Oil