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Original Art Over £100

Welcome to our new Over £100 Gallery. Many of our artists produce larger/more ambitious artworks for over £100. Works exhibited in this gallery range from £100 – £499.

too many waysBy Andrew Jackson

Price: £350
Size: 139cm × 99cm
Genre: Abstract, Buildings, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic

hurt so goodBy Andrew Jackson

Price: £350
Size: 129cm × 79cm
Genre: Abstract, Buildings, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic

CHERRY O BABYBy Andrew Jackson

Price: £350
Size: 129cm × 90cm
Genre: Abstract, Buildings, Fine Art
Medium: Acrylic

Acrylic “View from Ness Dig”OrkneyBy Kathleen Taylor

Price: £120
Size: 56cm × 45cm
Genre: Landscape, Seascape, Skyscape
Medium: Acrylic

Achillea at St Margaret's BayBy Nikki Griffith

Price: £110
Size: 50cm × 50cm
Genre: Flowers, Impressionist, Landscape
Medium: Acrylic

Secret NookBy Cheryl Hawkes

Price: £120
Size: 61cm × 76cm
Genre: Landscape
Medium: Acrylic

SunshineBy Hilary Garnock-Jones

Price: £170
Size: 38cm × 43cm
Genre: Figurative, Fine Art, Seascape
Medium: Watercolour

Porte du BonheueBy keith groves

Price: £140
Size: 46cm × 46cm
Genre: Buildings, Impressionist
Medium: Mixed Media

The UrnBy Hilary Garnock-Jones

Price: £198
Size: 29cm × 42cm
Genre: Abstract, Figurative, People Portraits
Medium: Acrylic

Seated ModelBy John Wardle

Price: £100
Size: 80cm × 50cm
Genre: Figurative, Fine Art, Impressionist
Medium: Pastel

JAZZ NIGHTBy Lynda Cockshott

Price: £325
Size: 57cm × 79cm
Genre: Figurative, Impressionist
Medium: Acrylic

Autumn Silver BirchesBy Teresa Tanner

Price: £150
Size: 41cm × 41cm
Genre: Abstract, Impressionist, Landscape
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media